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Cleaning the Filters
AC Repair

Air conditioning problems are never convenient.  We offer comprehensive air conditioning repair services.  There are many components to an AC unit, and some are more complicated than others are.  We know every part and have the experience to fix them all.  Whether you just need some simple diagnostics, a refrigerant refill, serious maintenance, or a new air conditioning unit installation, we are here to help. 

Yearly air conditioning maintenance helps ward off expensive air conditioning repairs and extends the lifespan of your unit, but problems can still occur. As soon as you discover an issue with your air conditioner or heat pump, please give us a call so that we can do everything in our power to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Air Conditioning Repair Warning Signs:

  • Moisture or Leakage

  • Warm Air

  • Poor Airflow

  • No Air

  • Strange Sounds

  • Odd Odors

  • Inaccurate Thermostat

AC Repair
Air Conditioner

We provide prompt responses, quick turnarounds, and long-term solutions to all types of issues with all makes, models, and styles of heating equipment. 


When your heater or furnace is giving you trouble, turn to Gale Winds Air & Heat II for expert heating repair.

  • When your home is not getting sufficient warmth for a long time

  • Strange Sounds

  • Inaccurate Thermostat

  • High Energy Bill

  • Poor Air Quality

  • Slow Startup Time

  • Yellow Pilot Light

  • Constant Cold Spots

  • Age (10-20 years)

Heating Repair
Radiator Temperature Wheel
Heat Pump Repair

Although heat pumps are a highly efficient heating and cooling system in one, they are not without issues.

Look for these warning signs:

  • Faulty thermostat

  • Malfunctioning valves

  • Leaky ducts

  • Electrical problems

  • Overheating

  • Squealing or grinding noises

Gale Winds Air & Heat II offers comprehensive heat pump maintenance to keep these common issues at bay and ensure proper operation for years.  You may also sign up for our Preventative Maintenance program to receive regularly scheduled maintenance plus other exclusive benefits including priority status and preferred pricing on repairs.

Heat Pump Repair
Interior Design
New System Installation

Your new HVAC system should be designed specifically to meet the needs of your home.  Our company is an  authorized dealer for  Tempstar® Heating and Cooling products. Our technicians have the knowledge and skills to design the ideal system for your needs.  All Tempstar® units undergo a baked-on powder paint process that provides additional protection from harsh weather conditions that cause units of most other brands to rust prematurely. Being the local distributor for Tempstar® in Brevard County, we are able to provide specialized services for units of that brand. That means, if you have any issues or unit breakdowns, we are able to correct the problem efficiently so that you experience very little downtime. This makes a huge difference when our heat index climbs up into the 90s, or even reaches over 100 degrees, during the summer months here in Brevard county, FL. Tempstar® also has excellent warranties available for their HVAC units, including a 10-year Compressor and Parts Warranty, and a No Hassle Warranty. That is why when you buy a Tempstar® Air Conditioner, you are choosing the best in quality, reliability, and efficiency. 

New System Installation

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